Cold Butt Syndrome Winter Hammock Camping Decal


Let everyone know that you are one of those hardcore hammock campers that aren't afraid of a little cold weather! Hammock camping in the winter is something that few have done and even fewer embrace. As an avid winter hanger, you know that there are times that you need to "stretch" the limits of your underquilt. Sometimes when you stretch too far, you wake up in the middle of the night with CBS - Cold Butt Syndrome. Until you've woken up with CBS, you really don't know know how far below you can go!

Wear your near frostbite experience as a badge of honor and let everyone know that you have been there with a funny CBS decal on your vehicle or your gear.

Decal is made from 651 Oracal which is an outdoor permanent vinyl.  Sticks to any flat hard surface.  great for laptops, car windows, travel mugs, etc.