Custom Gear Hammock Camping Tee Shirt


How many times have you been at a group hang and had to rattle off our gear setup to every passer by (because we hate doing that right)? Save your breath and just flash them this snazzy tee.  They will instantly know what you're packing in that big ol' bag of yours.   Do you have multiple setups and can't commit to one shirt? Well then, good friend, you'll have to order multiples! Currently we have 2 styles the "Burly" which is a little more rock n' roll and the "Good Natured", which is a little more country.  

Each shirt is unique so it will look similar the product images, not exact. You send us the gear you want on the shirt and we will customize it for you. Products listed on your shirt must be by approved vendors. As we get permissions from other vendors we will update accordingly.

Sizing Chart

A huge thank you to the vendors that have given their permissions!   Show them some love and click on their links! Amok Equipment DD Hammocks  Dutchware Gear HangTime Hook  Jacks R Better Ripstop By The Roll  Simply Light Designs Tensa Outdoor UGQ Outdoor Warbonnet Outdoors